«Touches of being in love»


One day you open your eyes and feel her breath. Now you kan not be without her.
Just snuggle up against her back and bury yourself in her hair.
See how she stretches after a long hugs.
Getting small kisses on the forehead. All of this moments are touches
of the image of the person you are in love with.

«Sight of wishes»


When you die inside, you feel like you are nothing, you blank. Window that in theory kan have any view that you want to.
Go and try make your dream come true!

«The S-guy»


The S-guy is one of my guys that I made inspired by CryptoPunks.
His name is «S». Just as «S» letter and sounds like «es».
He like to play basketball and some times he some some weed with his friends during making their LEGO rial size Michael Jordan’s statue.